Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thoughts on collaborative consumption

Last night I read the excerpts from an interesting book on parenting, the Chinese mother way and thought it was an interesting book and wanted to read the full thing.

My dilemma? Buy or borrow. Now don't get me wrong, it is an interesting book now but I know it won't be once I am done reading it.
THe Buy or Borrow question would have been easy one to answer if we had parity in the utility of digital and conventional assets.

With a 'real' book you could easily buy it and resell it online without any qualms. You could loan it to a friend of family member in a heartbeat.
Not so with a digital/e-book. There is a lending feature on Amazon that allows you to lend out books for up to 14 days but is not enabled on all books.
Well what if I wanted to resell an eBook after I had read it? How does one put a value on a transaction like that? Is anyone even considering that model?

These questions have now come to the forefront of my consciousness after I watched Rachel Botsman's TED talk on collaborative consumption. Is anyone thinking along the same lines?
I'll buy the digital version of the book because its lighter and is a greener choice but I'd like to get more utility AND value from doing so.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Oracle JDBC Driver wahala - the conclusion.

Yesterday, I told you about my ordeal with the Oracle JDBC Driver and the cryptic Non supported SQL92 token at position: x message I was getting.

Turns out that the problem was that when running the script in Continuous Integration builds, embedded SQL92 syntax escape processing was enabled by default.

In the end, the solution was to turn off escape processing so that code behaviour is the same whether run via Continuous Integration or as a standalone SQL script in SQL Developer.

In conclusion, I still think the guys at Oracle should implement better error messages, as this would have saved me loads of time.

Be well.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Oracle JDBC Driver wahala.

Happy New Year, folks. My year has started rather eventfully, as I have spent the most productive part of my day trying to resolve a problem with a DDL statement being executed as part of a product CI build.

The problem? There is a stored procedure on a project that I am able to run successfully via Oracle SQL Developer but have been unable to get working as part of the build. Currently, the Oracle JDBC Driver spits out the following nondescript SQL exception message: Non supported SQL92 token at position: x. X in this case seems to be some arbitrary location in the script ( this currently resolves to end of the file, meaning it has been misdiagnosed), which I cannot decipher as being an invalid token.

What would have been useful in the exception message, and I hark back to the days of Oracle SQL*plus, is a line number and column number with some mention of the errant token.

I am still trying to manually debug this problem in the hope that I am able to resolve it, as no successful build means no check-in. My suspicion is that the driver is doing something nasty or is unable to properly deal with a token that should ordinarily pose no problem.

I am using a v10.x Driver.

If you are reading this, have you encountered a problem like this recently? Any light you can shed is appreciated.