Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yet another day

Today was uneventful..got to work late and funny enough met my project manager on my way to work this morning...nabbed! Well i guess we all do it atimes - get to the office late and fib on our timesheets. In anycase the day went by without stopping.

Saw pictures of a grim-looking Jose Mourinho in the papers on my way home. I wish they didnt lose to Liverpool but I guess atimes you win some and then you lose some. Talking of changing fortunes our dear Prime Minister has selected his new cabinet and this is raising some dust plus most folks think he should resign...hmmmmm..dunno only time will tell. In the midst of all the news in the papers and some book I have been trying to read for some days now I managed to fall asleep on the tube ride home ;)...we all do it once in a while. My candid advice? Don't get caught! Atleast not by a pretty dame.

Met FA Brims online today was actually nice chatting with the lad atleast he's broken his silence. I am tryin hard to study tonight and its going to be hard so wish me luck!


Sunday, May 08, 2005

Been away

Its close to 2months now since I last blogged! Why? Ok i'll tell you. Have been a bit choked up trying to strike the ultimate balance between work and other facets of my life and believe me its been like some form of high wire act.
Between the last blog and today there has been a wide range of activities from a day out to a theme park (Alton Towers), to being invited to Passover Seder, to preparing for my exams, to installing a new OS on my laptop...(on which I am posting now) to .....well just being lazy.
I have touched base with some members of the crew. FABrims and Skai have been quiet though..but spoke to Poombah some days ago. Called K earlier to say Happy birthday...time flies right? Its already May.
In any case it has been an eventful 2months which went pretty fast....havent had time to see any movies of late and havent been slushing either. Have grown a beard though and my afro is beginnning to take shape. Think i should keep the beard??? tell me in your responses to this post.
I promise not to keep away from you for that length of time again. Before I forget, the general elections have come and gone and well...Blair is still here.


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Mad Week

Gosh the past few days have rushed by pretty quickly. The holidays are near once again and in most parts of the world there's the usual step up in the rate of commercial activity at times like this. Its no exception here.

Well I havent really been a holiday freak and so its pretty much business as usual. Events in the past few days have also taken a strange turn as yesterday there was yet another case of under-aged gun violence in the US. Its distasteful and I can imagine what it feels like for all those families who lost lives to the reckless outburst of a certain 15-year-old. Hard pill to swallow I am sure.

Away from the sadness, theres set to be a relaunch of the sci-fi series "Dr Who" here and I cant tell what to make of it. I always loved the program and wonder if this remake will be as good as the original. For one thing the good doctor is younger now.

I wonder what to do for the holiday period especially now that the gloomy weather has given way to a bold pretty new phase. I guess I should get out and enjoy the pretty weather.
I look forward to my swimming classes this evening, as I have been away for a while now. Am yet to master the breast stroke and hope my instructor will take it easy with me today.

I will have more to tell you once I am in later this evening 'cause I know I have been away from you for two days and I am sorry. Will make it up to you when I get back. Did I mention that Skai the great Lolo touched bases with me earlier this week? Oh before I rush off the man Ziggi is at it again...he has sent me yet another set of images which I believe keep him amused...maybe I'll show you some. Then again I think not.


Monday, March 21, 2005

Hello! People!

Guvnor great one there yet another tool out of that assorted hat of yours. Never mind how long it took me to throw in a comment on this guys.

Well on the Fabian (no relationship there) Osuji saga i don't think it should come as a surprise to anyone cos this na Naija we dey talk about. I have no doubt in my mind that everyone whose been in government somehow must have got himself involved in some shady stuff past or present.I guess we should just forget about things gone by and face the present cos all the mumbo-jumbo will amount to nothing what has happened to the Objs,IBBs,Buharis, Abachas....... whose clean. Pass Abeg.

The past weekend was well just alright, most of it i spent indoors except on Sunday when i went to Church not much is happening down here except that NEPA continues to be a pain in the ...... Surely i'll have something juicier for the house next time.

Have a positively filled week ahead everyone.

A Bientot!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Chill-pill Sunday

Today has been a day of relaxation and rest. Cleaned up this morning, did some washing as well. Read "The Punch" online and saw some gory tales that I'd rather leave untold.

Started reading Clinton's bio, "My Life" and already am engrossed in it....well that was until I had to do lunch/dinner 'cause I had a rather dishevelled eating pattern today. But its all good. Caught up with the OC, kinda like watching it atimes. Another pointer to weddings was shown today :)) "The wedding planner"...had seen it before but saw it yet again.

It would appear that my period of hibernation is finally over! The rat-race begins yet again tomorrow. Gosh I dread going on the tube on my way to work but its just got to be done. Ah well I'll try and sleep as much as I can 'cause the day ahead is going to be an exercise in tedium :) trust me I know what I am talking about.

Ok I'll leave you in peace.

Hitch weekend

Went to see a movie but before I tell u about that guess what?. I had an argument with my partner. Its sufficient for you to know she's nick-named after her A-list chocolate...Ferrero. We made up eventually ;) and had Italian for dinner...great way to make up init?

Hmmm yeah mentioned I was going to see a movie. I saw "HITCH"...yeah thats the one. A great movie about a date doctor. Its a hilarious romcom that promises value for your money. I think Will Smith did justice to his part and Eva Mendes is mighty fit.

Thought about Timon and Poombah earlier on and wonder how they'll be finding camp. Guess they'll both cope quite well. It was a chilly Heineken-ny close to the evening. Not bad when u think about it...Tomorrow is the start to the week...Monday's around the corner but well theres still about 24 hrs in the weekend so I am safe....Sleep safe.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Its been a long week

Men its been a hectic week just gone by. Have had to tackle pressure on more than three fronts but yet I survive. Actually spoke to Ziggi and Mademan today and we shared a couple of laffs and some gist about future plans and getting married :). Imagine me talking about marriage and the like a few years ago...it was impossible.

Also spoke to K and she's preparing for her pageant...pray she wins cos that would give her a boost. Shes always wanted a career in modelling and all, this might well be her chance.
Hmm will go to the movies tonight seeing that i have lazed about all day.

Am new to blogging and might sound a bit off or incoherent but forgive me I guess u only get better with time. I'll tell u what movie I saw and how I found it when i get back. Till then.....