Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yet another day

Today was uneventful..got to work late and funny enough met my project manager on my way to work this morning...nabbed! Well i guess we all do it atimes - get to the office late and fib on our timesheets. In anycase the day went by without stopping.

Saw pictures of a grim-looking Jose Mourinho in the papers on my way home. I wish they didnt lose to Liverpool but I guess atimes you win some and then you lose some. Talking of changing fortunes our dear Prime Minister has selected his new cabinet and this is raising some dust plus most folks think he should resign...hmmmmm..dunno only time will tell. In the midst of all the news in the papers and some book I have been trying to read for some days now I managed to fall asleep on the tube ride home ;)...we all do it once in a while. My candid advice? Don't get caught! Atleast not by a pretty dame.

Met FA Brims online today was actually nice chatting with the lad atleast he's broken his silence. I am tryin hard to study tonight and its going to be hard so wish me luck!


Sunday, May 08, 2005

Been away

Its close to 2months now since I last blogged! Why? Ok i'll tell you. Have been a bit choked up trying to strike the ultimate balance between work and other facets of my life and believe me its been like some form of high wire act.
Between the last blog and today there has been a wide range of activities from a day out to a theme park (Alton Towers), to being invited to Passover Seder, to preparing for my exams, to installing a new OS on my laptop...(on which I am posting now) to .....well just being lazy.
I have touched base with some members of the crew. FABrims and Skai have been quiet though..but spoke to Poombah some days ago. Called K earlier to say Happy birthday...time flies right? Its already May.
In any case it has been an eventful 2months which went pretty fast....havent had time to see any movies of late and havent been slushing either. Have grown a beard though and my afro is beginnning to take shape. Think i should keep the beard??? tell me in your responses to this post.
I promise not to keep away from you for that length of time again. Before I forget, the general elections have come and gone and well...Blair is still here.